Team Soma


Rachel is the beating heart of SOMA! For starters, she was primarily the one who orchestrated the idea and now keeps it afloat by running all the behind the mat business type stuff!

Rachel holds a deeper connection to the space of SOMA as she used to train with Carol Newbould at the Newall School of Theatre Dance, which was the former staus of our yoga home! So is steeped in nostalgia and memories!

Rachel went on to study at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance before getting an injury and having to lay low for a while. Rachel then entered the field of social work and worked in Child Protection Services for a solid 15 years. It was only until last October that she parted from that world and downward dogged her way into yoga. Rachel has recently completed her Yoga teacher training, and now runs our Thursday community class whereby donations are given to a charity of our choice. Rachel however, plans to stay a little on the teaching side lines and focus on the very important job of keeping SOMA alive – she’s the person to ask if you’re having technical issues with our booking system, need to know what workshop is on when, and how to book the cheapest flight to Ibiza. All the important stuff, essentially!


Georgie is a keen dancer and yogi and is loving her new found career path at SOMA. Georgie first trained in dance (and from the teeny age of 2!) went to train in classical and contemporary dance at the University of Leeds (that’s what brought her up North!)

Following from this, Georgie decided to study Dance Movement Psychotherapy and began to deliver a range of creative and therapeutic dance based sessions for people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities. Having practiced yoga from a young age, Georgie thought that to enhance her practice, the fusion of dance and yoga would benefit wellbeing enormously and chose to take her Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Space, in Meanwood. From here, Georgie’s world imploded (in a good way), and she now endeavours to bring yoga and dance to as many as people as she can, as she can see the vital importance it holds over wellness, body image and general soul warmth! Georgie has since trained in kids yoga, pre and postnatal yoga, vinyasa flow and plans to keep the list going strong….


Kylie’s style is all about encouraging an element of play and self expression through movement. Bringing fluidity with fun transitions whilst incorporating her love for mobility training and body conditioning.

Kylie’s fascination with movement has become a complete lifestyle and has lead her to other practices such as Animal Flow, and self exploration into the aerial silks and tribal fusion belly dancing, amongst other flow styles.

With a unique style and strong passion for movement she hopes to encourage others into exploring their body’s capabilities, increase self esteem and tune into that mind and body connection.


Kat is our in-house yoga assistant, doing all the much needed ‘smoothing over’ of the space and staff at SOMA. Kat provides a warm welcome for all those who enter through our doors….but most importantly, Kat is the SOMA Mumma…making sure we’re all topped up with food ‘n’ fuel during our ‘meetings.’ She’ll be the one behind the desk with the hummous. Kat also offers Reiki healing, please get in touch for further information.


Vicky is our in house baker, chef and food extraordinare! Vick provides sumptious vegan bakes for all our pre and post natal classes (a time when we recognise having food handed to you is extremely important!) And if you’ve attended a supper club, you’ll have sampled Vicky’s one pot themed wonders, blasting with flavour and goodness. Every yoga studio should have an in house food Goddess on board, right???


Emma is a fully qualified and insured therapist with 20 years experience. She will help you to relax, unwind and take time out for yourself with treatments designed to calm your mind, nourish your body and soothe your soul. Massage therapies include massage, Indian Head Massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone and lava shell massage, facials and reflexology. Available on a pop-up basis at the Soma studio or at your own home. Please get in touch for further information.